Our Handy Protein Skimmer Pump Resource

If you purchased from our list of the best protein skimmers and need a pump we’ve got you covered. Even though all of the products that we suggested are extremely high in quality and will last you a while, needing to pick up a protein skimmer pump after some use is normal. 

If you didn’t choose from one of our recommended products and need a protein skimmer pump then we can still help. Below we’re going to list out some of the best protein skimmer pumps you can find for the major brands, so make your search easy.

Note: If you have a nano protein skimmer we’re working on a pump list specifically for you. Stay tuned!


Protein skimmer pumps from CoralVue can pretty much only be found on their website. They have a wide range of pumps that should cover their entire product line, so this is the place we would recommend checking first.

SC Aquariums

SC Aquariums makes it easy to purchase their protein skimmer pumps by listing them directly on Amazon. We’ve shared their company page so you can search for the particular pump that you need without any hassle.


Pumps from Simplicity are a little harder to track down because they don’t seem to even promote them on their own site (maybe they just want you to buy a whole new skimmer instead). Fortunately, if you go to AquaCave you can find all protein skimmer pumps by Simplicity.

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Reef Octopus

Reef Octopus has all their protein skimmer pumps listed directly on Amazon so we recommend that you just pick them up there. They’re all eligible for prime as well so if you’re a member you’ll be able to receive your pump in just a couple days.

Bubble Magus

To find pumps by Bubble Magus you can visit their Amazon company page and look for the one you want. They only have a few but if we had to recommend one we would go with the SP2000 Skimmer Pump if it’s compatible with your setup.


If you’re looking for pumps from AquaMaxx the best place to find them is on Marin Depot. They have a full list of replacement parts and pumps are included in this list.

Tunze USA

Protein pump skimmers for Tunze are scattered around the web. We were able to find some on Amazon as well as on the Tunze website. We would recommend trying your luck with Amazon first though because we’ve heard of people having difficulty when ordering from Tunze directly.


Pumps from Coralife are easy to find and in full supply on Amazon. You can quickly identify what pump you need for whatever skimmer you have if you visit this page here.


NYOS pumps can pretty much only be found on their website. They don’t offer a massive selection of pumps so it’s fairly easy to find whichever one you need.

We hope that this was a useful resource and it helped you find whatever pump you were looking for. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us and ask!

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